The Outcast Band Lyrics


You've been talking to yourself for seventeen days
Words that you don't understand
You've been lying in bed, bandaging wounds
Telling yourself you're not dying
Well you can blame me for it all, I don't care anymore
If it means all that much to you
I just never saw the edge until we started to fall
What the hell was I supposed to do?

The wreckage of me and the wreckage of you
Is all that remains washed up on the tide
The wreckage of me and the wreckage of you
Is all that is left of our lives

The trees in the field are all twisted and bare
They've scattered their leaves to the wind
And the flowers in the churchyard hang with despair
To remind us of all of our sins
A black crow on a gravestone is calling my name
She carries my soul in her claws
And all the magpies are sleeping
Now there's nothing worth stealing
And the swallows won't sing for us anymore

And the wreckage of me...

The sun and the moon are the colour of coal
The cathedral has burned to the ground
I lost my direction and I lost my religion
I can't believe in anything now
And it's a long way to fall, I broke all my bones
It's a long way to fall, my wings were in flames
I'm gonna find a place where I don't have to talk
I'm gonna change my face, I'm gonna change my name