The Outcast Band Lyrics

We Will Not Change

Another broken silence, another burst of violence
as we tear each other apart for the last time
These love-stained walls will crumble & fall
as you take what's yours, take what's mine take it all

We deserve so much more, much more than we have
much more than we gave, was it all in vain
We will say goodbye but the scars will remain
We will not change...

And these dreams that we've held in hands,
these plans that slipped through our fingers like sand
we stand with nothing between us but tears and lies
for the years that we've buried each other inside

We had this cross to bear, we've had these chains
That held us together but held us restrained
And lay shattered and broken when the final hour came
We will not change

We built us a castle, we built us a home
to shelter our love from the lies, from all of our wrong
but the candle burns fast when the fire is strong
We could have saved ourselves but we are too far gone

And I watched it grow, I will watch it fall
As we tear it down wall by wall
And scatter the ashes we burned with the words that we say
We will not change...

We can't shake the blame, we can't clear our names
It will always be this way, always be this way

We will not change...