The Outcast Band Lyrics

To The End

This road that we stumble along
Is scarred and blistered and drags on and on
And night draws in and there's nobody here
To keep us from falling apart tonight

This sack of bones that we've hauled along this way
Of all the broken things that we tried to save
And I'm so tired under all of this weight
It wears me down, you wear me down

All is gone, I remember what you said
The night crawls on and your words ring in my head
And I don't know how much longer
We can hold onto this thread
Stay with me to the end

We've been too long in this no-man's land
Of splintered trees and praying hands
And barbed wire lines that we can never cross
They wore us down and you wore us down
All we had was taken in the tide
Of reckless seas and jealous skies
And all we've seen weighs heavy on our eyes
But I saw it all with you my love, my love

All is gone...