The Outcast Band Lyrics

Here we stand now on broken ground
Our world's divided without a sound
I remember you said “this art is dead”
And I closed my eyes and I cried
And I cried

So it ends now
You took your bow
And the world wept softly
As you left without a sound
So it ends now
You've sung your song
And the saddest truth of it all
Is you'll never know what you've done

It carries me back now, to so many years before
I stumbled blindly while you climbed
You flew, you soared
And what I would give to have lived, to have breathed Like you did
And what I would do, just for once, to feel like you

So it ends now...

There's a lonely orphan that once you saved
For every flower laid upon your grave
And there's so much left undone
And so much more to say
If you knew what you'd given
Then you'd know what you've taken away

So it ends now...