The Outcast Band Lyrics

The Longest Mile

I walked a lonely mile and I walked a thousand more
And a thousand lonely angels
Flew down to watch me fall
Now I'm crawling on my hands and knees
Bleeding and sore, but I tried

I've got blisters on my fingers, grazes on my knees
Cuts across my hands and gravel in my feet
I'm almost there and still I'm nowhere near
Can't you see how I tried?
This is the longest mile

I saw you in a dream whispering my name
With tears in your eyes and only me to blame
I kissed you and I left and I never dreamed again
But I tried

Everything I've seen left scars on these eyes
Everything that I believed was tangled in lies
And all that I loved I've grown to despise
But I tried
This is the longest mile

I'll never be your lover, you're body is too cold
I'll never be your mother
You don't do what you're told
I'll never be your saviour, you gave away you're soul
You must find your own God
Find your own God now

I'm tired of this crown you've given me to wear
I'm tired of this burden you've given me to bear
And this fucking road you led me down
Leads to God Knows where
I'm so tired
This is the longest mile