The Outcast Band Lyrics

Hurricane Day

Will you spare a thought on this hurricane day
For the damage you've done in this delicate place
Where every step you blindly take
Leaves a scar on your face
You live each day just as if it's your last
You cover your footprints, conceal your path
Got a head full of questions
That you're still too scared to ask

And you let it blow,
You never want to feel this way again
And you let it blow, the earth was screaming
Howling like the wind
You let it blow, you stole it all, you gave it all away
And it was never yours to take
And your tears fell like rain on this hurricane day

You sealed a deal with the devil that night
With your jealous kiss and your venom knife
And blood on your hands from the bleeding heart
That you held right up to the sky
Was glory yours when you rode on ahead?
Did you feel remorse when you counted the dead?
You just need to be held, can't live with yourself
But there's nobody left, there's nobody left

And the tears you cry on this hurricane day
Will never dry or be washed away, you wish to God
You could change what you've done
With every breath that you take
But you've done nothing wrong
You just didn't understand
How your dreams turned to dust
When you opened your hand
And you swipe at the rain for something to blame
But you will see again, you will see again