The Outcast Band Lyrics

The Garden Song

I'm swinging from a rooftop
I'm strung out on a wire
I've been climbing all these years
I can't get any higher
And I'm scared to look back 'cause it's
such a long way down
My arms are tired and my eyes are sore
I can't even remember what I came here for
And if I just let go will I ever make it to the ground?

I'm scared, I'm all alone
I can't see which way to go
Hold my hand, take me home
To your garden

I'm falling in the darkness, scared to light a flame
Shadows of my conscience hold me to blame
I know I'm guilty but I
still don't know what I've done
I'll hang before the morning from an old willow tree
A rope around my neck of rosary beads
And I'll lay to rest in a grave without a stone

I'm scared, I'm all alone...

Well a crazy dog was howling so I cut him loose
Now I'm drowning in an ocean that I pissed into
And I've burned my boats and I've
torn my bridges down
These are crazy days that I fell upon
Well it could've been you, could've been anyone
But I can't bend anymore
I know I'm gonna break somehow