The Outcast Band Lyrics

After The Storm

There was a light that shone in your eyes
A flame that flared and burned so bright
It kept you safe in the darkest night
That it guided you through
You were so strong and you fought so long
For the vision you held in a world gone wrong
But the rocks and the stones that you stumble upon
Have broken you, broken you

You feel so tired and you ache to the bone
There's a thorn in your side that tears at your soul
And your heart is choked
Where the weeds have grown
And the seed of doubt has been sown
So you lay down your flag, surrender your gun
You're too scared to love so you hate everyone
And promise yourself a time will come
You won't feel this torn

After the storm, You won't feel alone
After the storm, You won't feel alone

You stood in the crowd with your head held proud
You said “do what you will, it doesn't matter now”
And they cut you with words
And they beat you with blows
But you had nothing left you could lose

On the lonely road you walk upon
The trees are bare, the flowers have gone
You heard a voice, a whispered song
From the child you held in your arms
A time will come, a river will flow
The sea will rage and the wind will blow
You won't be scared, you will stand on the shore
And all of this will be yours